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The Sony Hack effect on search and sentiment

Search “Sony” in Google and all you hear about now is the Sony hack – from movies, actors and producers, to Playstation and employees. It’s in the news and is still a hot topic as the weeks go by. Data that helped hackers access Sony’s internal network came from another group targeting the firm’s gaming network, reports the Washington Post. In an interview, a self-proclaimed Lizard Squad member said it had given stolen data to the Guardians of Peace. The Guardians of Peace has carried out several attacks on Sony in a bid to halt the release of comedy film The Interview. By contrast, the Lizard Squad targeted Sony’s PlayStation network knocking it offline on Christmas Day.

This hack is a top line example of a brand’s digital presence taking on a new appearance in search results. Sony is a widespread brand within entertainment from TV and movies to music and video games. Google News is populating all recent PR, and the first and second page search results are already populating with articles and sites about the hack.

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It has caused an overwhelming negative sentiment amongst companies and fans alike. Yet, it has also put a huge spotlight on other subjects, such as “The Interview”. Sony has announced that the movie has been downloaded or rented online more than 2 million times. “The Interview” generated more than $15 million in online sales and $2.8 million in box office sales via limited release in theaters.

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