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How do your consumers feel about your brand?

Providing advanced insights on sentiment, with conclusive partitioning-per-asset.

Most sentiment analysis tools classify text strings on a three-tier polarity scale, positive, negative and neutral. Our data, however indicates that there are several variables that cannot be taken into account with just text analysis.


What is Sentiment Analysis?

How does it affect your brand?

Consumers are sharing their thoughts, beliefs and opinions online now more than ever. With many consumers holding several social media accounts and being active on message boards and forums the potential for organizational impact is huge. Supreme Spotlight identifies relevant assets, and through a combination of tools, historical data, competitor analysis, advanced algorithms and Humanele identifies correlations to help you make informed marketing decisions

Our Features

Advanced features that separate us from the rest

Asset Partitioning

All conversations are not alike. The brand impact varies on a per asset basis, as the asset traffic, intent, as well as primary user base may not be relevant to the particular brand conversation.

Sentiment Analysis

Our advanced sentiment analysis allows you to determine the attitude/response of a consumer with respect to a topic/material that is related to your brand, or your brand itself and act or respond accordingly.

Mobile Sentiment

A speakers experience is altered on a mobile device compared to a desktop, impacting how they interact with a brand and how they choose to comment on their experience/s.

Audience Demographics

Identifying who the speaker is is crucial for “big-picture” outlook to successfully determine the true meaning and growth patterns for brand sentiment.