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Sentiment Analysis for the Apparel Industry

sentiment analysis for apparel industry

The apparel industry undergoes frequent, rapid changes in consumer preferences, purchasing behavior, customer demographics and much more. The ability to proactively identify, understand and act on these changes ahead of consumer disengagement is vital to organizational success, and a huge competitive advantage. Sentiment analysis is one tool that can be used to diagnose the problem, understand the reasons behind the problem, determine where consumers are discussing the changes and deliver an easy to understand, actionable solution to avoid a drop in sales.


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Apparel brands often focus on their own social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, while neglecting the platforms as a whole. While these platforms are a great tool for determining demographics of engaged users and stimulating positive digital word of mouth, the ‘real’ consumer conversation occurs on several other platforms – such as Reddit. Taking an external look at the consumer conversation will assist organizations in developing targeted marketing campaigns, making educated media and ad buy decisions and inform marketers of industry and consumer trends before it’s too late.

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Apparel brands are impacted heavily by several factors of sentiment analysis including;

  • *Platform Variances including;
    • Conversation subject matter
    • User anonymity and it’s affect on true sentiment expression
    • Previous user interaction history
    • Purchasing behavior


  • *Mobile Sentiment Analysis: 80% of smartphone shoppers use mobile in-store to help with shopping (Google Insights). The impact of mobile research on purchasing decisions varies on mobile
    • Differing screen sizes impacts information availability
    • Shortened interaction time with information
    • Expectation of instant information etc.


  • *Historical Information
    • Consumer purchasing behavior
    • Purchasing patterns
    • Previous user experiences
    • Platform preferencees

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