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Our platform is unmatched

We provide advanced insights on sentiment, with conclusive partitioning per platform

Supreme Spotlight is an industry-leading Customer Feedback Management (CFM) solution system. We provide Fortune 1000 companies the ability to listen and to understand the voice of the consumer that lead to actionable results.


Data Enrichment

Our data enrichment processes provide you with the most accurate metrics.




Integrate with Supreme Spotlights custom API or utilize our simple “Plug and See” feature to get the most out of your data.

Social Tracking

Supreme Spotlight can be trained to automatically extract any named entity, keyword, category, or topic from any text and will provide you with a sentiment score for each one.

Custom Conversation Tracking

Listening to customer conversations across social and industry-specific forums is a vital part of sentiment analysis. Supreme Spotlight’s one sentence mode lets you easily analyze shorter comments.

Competitor Tracking

Sentiment around competitors during high purchasing periods directly correlates to success of a brands initiative. We set up custom API’s to monitor and track the competitors of your choice in real time.

Industry Tracking

Tracking sentiment on a per industry basis is an integral part of the Supreme Spotlight platform. Sentiment expression varies historically and competitor analysis is required to gauge expected goals per platform.

Our Features

Advanced features that separate us from the rest

Plug and See

Our “Plug and See” feature allows you to insert a set of applicable text that relates to the particular digital asset (e.g. post, link, platform link, keyword, search term, etc).

Asset Partitioning

All conversations are not alike. The brand impact varies on a per asset basis, as the asset traffic, intent, as well as primary user base may not be relevant to the particular brand conversation.

Historical Data

Enterprise reporting requires a historical analysis of the trends and their impacts on campaign effectiveness. Brands not analyzing and compiling data strings historically are not maximizing their business intelligence.

Audience Demographics

Consumer demographic insights are essential to defining the importance of each comment string on each corresponding asset. Our advanced tracking tools break apart the sentiment per target demographic.