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Emojli – A new social media platform where only emoji’s are allowed!

How often do you send an emoji to friends and family when texting? We bet there’s an emoji in more than half of your messages!

Emoji’s have been around for a while now, and they make messages more fun and most of all: they clear up a lot of confusion. Chances are that you might misinterpret messages when emoji’s are left out…

This is exactly what “Emojli”, a new emoji-only social platform, is based on. The founders of of Emojli are convinced that a new social network that leaves out all the spam, trolls and hashtags, is what will boost the social media world.

“Check out an emoji-only social network that promises no spam “because there isn’t an emoji for spam.”

From status updates to messages, only emoji’s are allowed! So the worst thing you’ll ever see on Emojli, will probably just be a pile of poop – so definitely approved by parents!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.52.55 PM

Emojli has not launched yet, but you can reserve your username by signing up on their website: http://emoj.li/ .

How do you feel about a social network that only allows emojis? We are afraid people might get bored of it pretty soon, we mean there’s only so many emojis you can send. This could be a safe platform for younger children to learn how to safely use social media.

What are your thought on Emojli? We’d like to know!