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We visualize big data for you.

Providing advanced insights on sentiment, with conclusive partitioning-per-asset.

Supreme Spotlight is an enterprise-level sentiment analysis platform with advanced features that provide definitive conclusions for brands, marketers and agencies. There are direct correlations between the sentiment of the rapidly growing digital conversation and the success of the underlying corporate initiatives


What Makes Us Different

Human Filter Element: Humanele


The complexities for true sentiment analysis require an advanced aspect that not only gauges the overall sentiment value for the majority of text, but also accounts for the custom portion that cannot be absolutely defined by an algorithm (at least not yet.)

We use a combination of several advanced algorithms for result automation with constant updates making it unparalleled among existing platforms; however we recognize with today’s rapidly shifting digital platforms there are too many elements (conversation types by industry, excitement expression, custom acronyms and many more) that impact the true meaning of a conversation or comment string. This is where Humanele comes in.

We provide an advanced feature we call “Humanele” that passes comment strings through real humans on a mass scale with an average of 5-9 hour turnaround no matter the comment string size.

Humanele maximizes sentiment analysis accuracy for when comprehensive reporting is paramount and automated systems will not suffice. Automated sentiment system advancements are approximately 67% effective, however the rapidly shifting digital landscape requires deeper and more granular analysis – made possible by Humanele.

Our Features

5 advanced attributes leading to more accurate conclusions that Supreme Spotlight accounts for are:

Asset Partitioning

All conversations are not alike. The brand impact varies on a per asset basis, as the asset traffic, intent, as well as primary user base may not be relevant to the particular brand conversation.

Historical Data

Enterprise reporting requires a historical analysis of the trends and their impacts on campaign effectiveness. Brands not analalzing and compiling data strings historically are not maximizing their business intelligence.

Competitor Tracking

Sentiment around competitors during high purchasing periods directly correlates to success of a brands initiative.We set up custom API’s to monitor and track the competitors of your choice.


Algorithms are becoming more and more advanced everyday. Supreme Spotlight utilizes the combination of several leading algorithms and platforms to automate the analysis to the most accurate extent.