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Our Difference

We use the combination of several advanced algorithms for result automation with constant updates and a human element making it unparalleled among existing platforms.

  • Supreme Spotlight is an enterprise-level sentiment platform.
  • Advanced features that provide definitive conclusions.
  • We visualize big data.
  • Demographic Partitioning
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Historical Data

Featured Services

Supreme Spotlight is an enterprise-level sentiment analysis platform with advanced features that provide definitive conclusions. Below are some of our featured services

Customizable Framework

The Supreme Spotlight platform is fully customizable to meet your individual, unique needs. Supreme Spotlight automatically extracts any named keyword, category, or topic from any text and will provide key conclusions.

Conversation Assessment

The sentiment of a conversation varies depending on asset, for example a Facebook brand page vs. an independent review forum (such as TripAdvisor).

Audience Demographics

Consumer demographic insights are essential to defining the importance of each comment string on each corresponding asset. Our advanced tracking tools break apart the sentiment per target demographic.

Seamless Integration

Integration is available through Supreme Spotlight’s custom API or utilize our simple “Plug and See” feature. We will then extract the data and automate it into the a custom dashboard with relevancy ratings.

Analyzes Digital Sentiment

Supreme Spotlight carries out advanced filtering of brand conversation across all social and digital media. Our live automation tool, with the addition of Humanele is unmatched.

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Listening to your conversation’s across social and industry-specific forums is Supreme Spotlight's difference.


Hear what our clients have to say about our quality and services.

Jared Buchanan

Mobile Sentiment

A large portion of our consumers communicate online from a mobile device. We need to be able to determine the differences between our mobile consumers and desktop. Supreme Spotlight did just that.”

Alexander Williams

Audience Demographics

Supreme Spotlights audience demographics service helped us identify our digital consumer, generate targeted campaigns and stay relevant to a changing demographic.”

Erika Lewis

Social Media Sentiment

Supreme Spotlight helped us to understand the different places and ways our customers communicate online. The platform is super easy to use and provided us with actionable insights!”

Jessica Foley

Sentiment Analysis

My online store receives reviews at all times, day and night. Supreme Spotlight helped me to identify key trends in my reviews to truly understand what my customers wanted.”